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Q: What is an LPG Non Return Valve (NRV)?
Ans: A LPG Non Return Valve (NRV) is a device installed in an LPG system to allow the flow of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in one direction while preventing it from flowing back in the opposite direction.

Q: Does there any standard for design & testing of LPG NRV?
Ans: Yes, there is Bsen13175 and ISO14245 availble for Design & Testing of LPG non Return Valves.

Q: How does an LPG Non Return Valve work?
Ans: The LPG Non Return Valve works on the principle of a check valve or a one-way valve. It has a mechanism that allows the LPG to flow freely in the one  direction, but when there is any pressure or  flow reversal, it closes to prevent the backflow of gas.

Q: Where is an LPG Non Return Valve installed?
Ans: An LPG Non Return Valve is typically installed in the LPG Manifold System or supply line, downstream of the Cylider/ Tank  and before the LPG-consuming appliances or burners. Its precise location may vary depending on the specific installation and system design.

Q: Are LPG Non Return Valves mandatory?
Ans: The requirement for LPG Non Return Valves  depending on local regulations and safety standards it may vary with local guidlines. In many jurisdictions, they are mandatory in LPG systems to ensure safety and compliance. It is important to consult local autheorities  to determine whether an LPG Non Return Valve is required in  location.

Q: How do I choose an LPG Non Return Valve?
Ans: When selecting an LPG Non Return Valve, consider factors such as the size and capacity of your LPG system, the operating pressure and temperature, the material compatibility with LPG, and adherence to safety standards.

Q: How often should an LPG Non Return Valve be inspected or replaced?
Ans: The inspection and replacement frequency of an LPG Non Return Valve may vary depending on factors such as manufacturer recommendations, system usage, and maintenance practices. 

When we talking about LPG installation in India IS 6044-part -1 recommendation cylinder will be connected to manifold by flexible pigtails a Non-Return Valve Must Be Installed between Cylinder manifold & Flexible hose. As a NRV allows LPG flow in only one direction and is fitted to ensure that the LPG flows through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.  This NRV also protect the system hazard in case of Rupture of flexible hose by restricting reverse flow from manifold.  We are manufacturing non-return valve LPG of superior quality at SEPL


SEPL is made using modern machinery and advanced technology to produce the best quality of NRV for LPG. Our professional team strictly supervises and examined Valve on different parameters. We Manufacture Gas Valves which are suited for different industries which include Hospitality and petrochemical Industry. Before the final dispatch of the product, our team properly inspected by our team. We offer  different designs, sizes, and specifications, our valves are prepared as per the latest industrial norms and parameters.

  • DESIGN CODE: BS EN 13175
  • MOC: BRASS IS 6912 / IS319
  • GASKET: NBR / Viton
  • MAX. W.P.: 16.8 KG/CM2
  • 1.  One of the major benefit of a non-return valve in  LPG system is enhancement of safety. LPG is highly flammable and any type of  backflow of gas can lead to accidents  such as flash back or explosions. The LPG NRV prevents the LPG from flowing back into the system  reducing the risk of leaks.

    2. Many jurisdictions have regulations in place that require the use of non-return valves in LPG systems to ensure safety standards are met.

  • 3. A non-return valve helps prevent gas leakage by maintaining one directional  flow of LPG. This is particularly important when there is a pressure differential between different parts of the system.


    4.  In  LPG system, the non-return valve acts as a barrier, preventing any backflow that could damage or compromise the functioning of equipment downstream. 

    5.  Non-return valves contribute to the overall efficiency of an LPG system. By maintaining a unidirectional flow, they optimize the performance of regulators and other equipment. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of energy consumption and reduces wastage.


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