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Q: What is the purpose of a copper burner pigtail?
Ans: A copper burner pigtail is used to connect the gas supply line to the burner in gas stove/ Commercial Kitchen Equipments. It provides flexibility, absorbs movement or stress in the gas line, and ensures a secure and leak-free connection.

Q: Why is copper used for burner pigtails?
Ans: Copper is commonly used for burner pigtails due to its durability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can withstand high temperatures and is less prone to cracking or leaking, making it a reliable choice for gas lines.
Q: Are copper burner pigtails suitable for both natural gas and propane systems?
Ans: Yes, copper burner pigtails are suitable for both natural gas and LPG systems. They are designed to handle the high temperatures and pressure associated with these fuel sources.

Q: How do I install a copper burner pigtail?
Ans: .Generally, the process involves connecting one end of the pigtail to the gas supply line and the other end to the burner, ensuring secure fittings and leak-free connections.

Q: Are copper burner pigtails compatible with all Burner models?
Ans: Copper burner pigtails come in 3/8" BSPPF fittings at both ends normally all commercial burners are come with 3/8" BSPPM threads in India. 

Q: Can we replace a copper burner pigtail myself?
Ans: If any one  have experience working with gas appliances and lines, he or she may be able to replace a copper burner pigtail self. 

Q: How often should copper burner pigtails be replaced?
Ans: Copper burner pigtails are generally durable and long-lasting. However, if there are signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or corrosion, it is advisable to replace them promptly.

Q: Can copper burner pigtails be used with other types of gas appliances?
A: Copper burner pigtails are primarily designed for connecting gas supply lines to burners in stoves and cooktops. However, they can also be used with other gas appliances that require a similar connection, such as gas grills, ovens, or outdoor cookers.

Q: Can I reuse a copper burner pigtail if I replace the stove or burner?
Ans: It is generally recommended to install a new copper burner pigtail when replacing the stove or burner. This ensures a fresh and secure connection between the gas supply line and the new appliance, minimizing the risk of leaks or other issues. 

Q: Where can I purchase copper burner pigtails?
Ans: Copper burner pigtails can be purchased at hardware stores, home improvement centers, or specialized Gas  plumbing supply stores



A copper burner pigtail is a connectorwhich  used in commercial  gas appliances  or Gas burner systems. this is a short length of copper tubing bent  into a specific shape to connect the gas supply line to the Gas  burner. The pigtail shape helps to absorb any  stress in the gas line and provides  semi flexibility.

The copper burner pigtail is used in natural gas, propane and  LPG  systems.  this designed to withstand the high temperatures which generated by the burner. It is often equipped with fittings at both ends, allowing for easy installation and connection to the gas supply line and the burner.


Our reputation in the market is attributable to our precision-engineered Copper Burner Pigtail from our wide-ranging collection of products.The offered range is being broadly appreciated in the hospitality industry for featuring variegated attributes such as rugged construction, longer service life, corrosion resistance, and high tolerance. Despite this, significant quality and dimensional accuracy boost demand for our offered range in the market.

  • DESIGN CODE: BS EN 13175

  • MAX. W.P.: 10 KG/CM2




1.   As  we know near burner in Kitchen there is a tempurature  above from atmosphere also require flexiblity. For comply of these two requirment Copper is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures, Semi Flexible and is resistant to corrosion. 

2.  Copper Burner Pigtails allows for flexibility and movement. The flexibility helps accommodate any adjustments without putting excessive strain on the gas lines.

3. Copper is heat ragistant & non reactive to LPG/ Fuel Gases. It is less prone to cracking or leaking which minimize  the risk of gas leaks in the kitchens.

4.  When we  uses a Copper  Burner Pigtail it  allows the efficient flow of gas from the supply line to the burner,  This help the burner to maintain consistent heat and cooking performance.

5. Copper burner pigtails are typically easy to install and connect to gas supply lines and burners. 



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