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Ques - What is the difference between First Stage and Second Stage Regulator ?

Answer -  
The Terms First stage and second stage is as per location of installation of regulator.  The first-stage gas regulator is responsible for initial pressure reduction and acts as a safety barrier,  at primery location it reduce high pressure to medium pressure. while the second-stage gas regulator provides more precise pressure control for specific Appliances. The first-stage regulator adjuss the pressure to medium pressure, whereas the second-stage regulator Precise it (pressure) to meet the requirements of the equipment.

The purpose of the Adjustable LPG Gas Regulator offered at SEPL is to manage the Pressure of gas vapor from the container to the Application Burners. It is rightly said the Adjustable Regulator is the heart of the propane system. The pressure in LPG bullets, Cylinders is 7 Bar at NTP & its increase with increase of atmospheric Temperature max pressure is up to 16.8 Bar. Working Pressure of Commercial & Industrial burners is 0.05 Bar to 0.35 Bar only. To maintain working pressure at burner inlet we need two or three stage regulation of pressure.  The adjustable regulator work on first stage as well as on second stage regulation because of their adjusting nature.  The adjusting rage of our Adjustable Regulator,2nd Stage Regulator,Second Stage Regulator,Second Stage Gas Regulator is 1psi to 20 psi so this will be used in different pressure ranges. These Regulators are compatible to  First Stage as Well as for Second stage Regulation.  we can install these regulator on LPG Manifold  & also before Comercial  Gas Burners where more than 0.5 PSI Pressure is Required.


Our products are the effect of in-depth market examination as well as the progressive designing of our professional manpower. Now, we are added to incorporate innovative and highly creative proficiency to produce and supply a special range of premium quality gas appliances and LPG Adjustable Regulator. 


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  • Pressure Control: LPG adjustable regulator allows us to precisely control the outlet pressure of fuel Gas. This is particularly useful for different types of burners or appliance which require specific pressure settings to operate optimisely. we can fine-tune the pressure to meet the requirement of our equipments.
  • Flexibility: The adjustable feature of the regulator provides flexibility in adapting to varying conditions or changing requirements. It allows us to adjust the pressure output based on factors such as weather conditions, altitude, or specific appliance needs. Thistype of  adaptability ensures consistent performance and helps us to  optimize the efficiency of the system.

  • Compatibility: LPG adjustable regulators are designed to be compatible with a wide range of burners and appliances. These can handle different flow rates and pressure requirements, making them suitable for various applications. This compatibility allows us to use the same regulator for multiple range of  equipment, which reducing the need for multiple regulators.
  • Safety: Regulating the pressure of the gas is essential for safety in LPG systems. An adjustable regulator help us to  maintain a safe and controlled flow of gas, preventing pressure  fluctuations that could pose risks to the equipments. 

  • Efficiency:  An adjustable regulator help us to optimize the fuel-air mixture for efficient combustion.  regulator ensures that the burner or appliance receives the correct pressure and flow rate of gas, promoting proper and clean burning. This can result in improved energy efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and lower emissions.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: LPG adjustable regulators are typically straightforward to install and maintain. 

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