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Brief Details of Sight Flow Indicator:-


Our simply designed and cost-effective sight flow indicators provide scope to the operators to find the fluids process and clarity through the window. One can easily install our sight flow indicators in any way. Talk to the sight flow indicator manufacturer in India to understand more about the product.


SEPL is here to make your task of LPG management quick, simple and secure through the best set of commercial equipment and accessories. We have specialization over LPG Sight Flow Indicator. We can give Sight Flow Indicator as per customers for the gas applications. We make the complete range using quality approved raw materials in follow up the industry-defined guidelines.


The sight flow indicator is a constituent that is fixed inside the pipe. It gives a means of determining the flow direction along with the suitable flow. Our sight flow indicators are quite helpful as they allow you to find what is happening inside the pipe.

A sight flow show gives a window into a procedure pipeline that permits operators a visual implies of verifying liquid flow and flow direction. Simple and low-cost, it also allows operators to see the color, clarity, constancy, viscosity, and other features of process fluids.


LPG Sight Flow Indicators are widely used in piping to give 360-degree observation of stuff flow through a line. A common configuration includes two circular sight glasses positioned vertically to the direction of the flow and opposed to something else. Our sight flow indicators show the benefits of our sight glass designs, explicitly the ease of sealing, maintenance, and accessibility in higher pressure/ temperature mixtures in larger sizes as compared to the manufacturer offers in the manufacturing.   

LPG Sight Flow Indicator

Sight Flow Indicator Manufacturer

The sight flow indicator is a component that is installed inside the pipe and it offers a means of determining the flow direction along with the approximate flow. Our sight flow indicators are quite useful as it lets you see what is happening inside the pipe.

Our cost-effective and simple design sight flow indicators give a scope to the operators to see the process fluids’ colour and clarity through the window. You can install our sight flow indicators in any direction. 


About SEPL



SARASWAT ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Sight Flow Indicators in India. We offer a wide range of indicators to meet the needs of various industries, Our indicators are known for their high quality, accuracy, and reliability. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.

Sight Flow Indicators Technical Specification




  • MAX. W.P.: 25 BAR

  • WORKING TEMP.: -20 To 65 C

  • SIZE AVAILABLE: 1″ – 2″

Benefits of Sight Flow Indicators 

Visual Monitoring: sight flow indicator provides a clear visual indication of the flow of LPG through a pipeline or equipment. This should be useful for operators who need to monitor the system for  blockages, or other issues.

Improved Maintenance: With a sight flow indicator, maintenance personnel can quickly identify areas that need attention, such as filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. This can help to reduce downtime and extend the lifespan of equipment.


Cost-Effective: Sight flow indicators are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of monitoring equipment, such as flow meters or pressure sensors. They also require very little maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective solution for many applications.


Easy to Install: Sight flow indicators are simple devices that can be easily installed in new or existing pipelines or equipment. They do not require any specialized tools or training to install, which can help to reduce installation time and costs.


Overall, the benefits of a sight flow indicator for LPG make it a valuable tool for operators in the petrochemical, oil and gas, and other industries where LPG is used.

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