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Are you looking for a quality and efficient LPG actuator valve? Yes. We at SEPL are one of the prominent exporters and manufacturers of high-quality manufacturer Actuator valves. Our LPG actuator valve can control the gas flow such as oxygen, liquified petroleum, natural gas, etc. Our range of LPG actuator valves can be available in various kinds of materials both rubber and metal according to the Bsen13175-2019.


Our Actuator Valve is manufactured using just high-quality graded stuff, resulting in outstanding levels of customer fulfillment. We have established ourselves as one of the most prestigious suppliers of ball valve systems due to the best quality. We assure to make all valves preciously as per the demands of the market.

As the name implies, the actuator valve is a valve fitted on the outlet port LPG cylinder supplied by oil companies to motivate the self-closing valve of the cylinder to release LPG from the cylinder to the Manifold System. The liquid outlet of similar is a self-closing valve for the discharge of liquid LPG.


Actuator Valve Manufacturers

Need some fitting like an adapter or any device that activates a self-closing valve for the discharge of LPG from the cylinder to the opening manifold safely? The cylinder is joined to the manifold by way of a flexible hose that can rupture. To reduce the risk of this kind of scenario, there is a need for an actuator valve with an integral excess flow check valve. As renowned Actuator Valve Manufacturers in Mathura, we serve the demands of the customers.


Actuator Valve Specification


The valve actuators are simply a great example of tech-driven machinery. Our actuator valve assists engineers to streamline their work with great productivity and efficiency. Now, it is easy to save a great time due to the automation mode. Our products are a variety of applications such as industrial use, plant management, mining, nuclear processes, refineries, etc.


  • DESIGN CODE: BS EN 13175

  • MOC BRASS: IS 6912 / 319

  • MAX W.P.: 25 KG/CM2


  • Usage/Application - for pressure gauge

  • Country of Origin - Made in India

  • Application: Small/ Medium/ Large scale industry

LPG Actuator Valve Manufacturer assures to bring top benefits for the customers.


Here look into the top benefits:


  1. LPG Actuator valves assist to control steady operating levels and keep safety in environments where high temperatures, noxious fumes, pressure levels, flammable elements, or other conditions can make catastrophic failures.


 2. Automated LPG valve actuators return to fail-safe stand, avoid accidents, environmental hazards, harm to equipment or structures, and additional devastating effects.


 3.  Yet another advantage associated with the benefits of valve automation is greater cost-effective production through waste reduction, optimized output control that needs restricted operator interaction, and higher safety of systems with the potential to create catastrophic events in urgent conditions.


SEPL understands the market requirements and give the best products and solutions for the customers. Contact us now for more information.


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