What Makes an LPG LOT Adapter Necessary?

What Makes an LPG LOT Adapter Necessary?

28 November, 2023


The LOT Adapter is used to provide liquid LPG to manifolds by decanting it from LOT cylinders. When changing cylinders, the adapter's built-in check valves prevent gas from spoiling by only supplying LPG in one direction. The producers of LOT adapters use the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques in their meticulous design and production processes.

They have managers and quality controllers on the ground who attend to the manufacturing processes from the outset. For optimal performance, these adapters are made by IS16484 and BS EN 13175. You may also rely on their high performance, extended service life, and exceptional property when you purchase an LPG LOT Adapter from them.


Their offerings are very dependable and versatile, catering to an extensive array of uses. The skilled professionals at their company use cutting-edge processes to create the adapter from carefully examined brass. These are extensively used in various LPG Systems established in the food processing, chemical, agricultural, beverage, and automotive sectors.


Get in touch with them to get the LOT Brass Adapter at Best Price. Customers like this LPG LOT Adapter because of its precise dimensions and improved durability. Concurrently, the operation guarantees that the valve opens and the fluid flow starts. Additionally, the valve immediately shuts off, and disconnecting them is extremely simple.


LPG LOT Adapter Specifications


● Brass body material (IS 319/6910 or CW614N and CW617N grade for dependability and durability).


● For safe and consistent connections, use the 1-1/4" – 5 ACME 2 G / CGA 790 V-1 inlet connector.


● The adapter offers setup versatility by having an outlet that can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.


● Temperature fluctuation resistance and excellent sealing are provided by VITON seals.


● Features 304 stainless steel springs to ensure durability and strong operation.


● -20 to 65 degrees Celsius is the suitable temperature range for use.


● Available in 1/4" *19 BSPT or 3/8" *19 BSPT/NPT, the outlet size may be customised to match client requirements.


● Versatile in a range of environments, this product is designed for hotel, commercial, and industrial applications.


● Made with pride in India, this product showcases excellent craftsmanship.


Advantages of the LPG LOT Adapter

India's LOT adapter manufacturers guarantee several advantages with their products. Just consider the product's main advantages:


Pressure Does Not Drop

The Indian manufacturers of LOT adapters ensure that the cylinder pressure and the LOT adapter's output pressure are the same. The pressure drop between the LOT adapters is minimal.


Best Possible Use of Gas

The LOT adaptor ensures that LPG gas is used as efficiently as possible. It enables you to get greater results and conserve energy.


Minimal Upkeep Expenses

The manufacturers of LOT adapters in India guarantee that your items will require less upkeep. The LPG liquid enters an LPG vaporizer. A LOT cylinder's off-take charge is between 4 and 10 kg of LPG per hour. This allows for a reduction in the number of cylinders connected to an LPG manifold system.

Gas handling equipment manufacturers take great satisfaction in their constant evolution and adaptation in response to the growing needs of the market. Considering the industry-established quality standards, the provided LPG LOT Adapter is manufactured in a well-designed manufacturing machine with the best quality and nonreturn valve.

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What Makes an LPG LOT Adapter Necessary?


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