Top Benefits of Lot Adapter

Top Benefits of Lot Adapter

17 September, 2023


If you are engaged in an LPG manifold system, you should consider Lot Adapter. Safety is the prime concern here.


LOT implies “Liquid off Take”. The LOT systems are for clients who require a large volume of LPG as LOT systems can supply volumes up to 250kgs per hour. If it is a LOT system, liquid LPG is strained from the LOT cylinder `through an LPG manifold system. The liquid LPG moves into an LPG vaporizer. The off-take charge in a LOT cylinder is 4-5 kgs of LPG in one hour. Therefore, the number of cylinders joined to an LPG manifold system can be reduced.


LOT systems comprise filters, hoses, non–return valves, gas pipelines, LPG manifold systems, LPG vaporizers, pressure regulating stations, slam shut-off valves, safety fittings, safety relief valves, gauges etc.

If you are interested in buying a LOT Adapter, you can look for the best LOT advantages:


Pressure is constant:

The best thing about the LOT Adapter is that they give constant pressure. The automatic system is to make sure for the regular gas delivery moves from the service cylinder bank to the reserve cylinder bank automatically. If the service cylinder bank is worn out, it is also an initial stage pressure regulator.


Optimum utilization of gas:

This system is appropriate for the optimum usage of the gas. The gas is flowing under high pressure and is made of brass that is nickel plated.


Minimal maintenance cost.

If you are troubled about the cost of maintenance, you will be happy to know that there is the least maintenance cost required here.


Space constraint issues are solved.

Do you have space restrictions to keep your cylinder? Yes. Now, you can say goodbye to the space restriction problem. A single LOT Adapter can work better for you.

Serving different industries using the LPG

The products are broadly used in diverse LPG Systems installed in industries such as chemical, agricultural, beverage, food processing, and automobile industries.


Under a common operating setup, the adapter stay closed.

The adapter is calibrated to precise pressure by managing the spring with the pressure nut. Standardized pressure is an utmost safety pressure defined to avoid harm to the plant.


If the pressure in the circuit hikes the calibrated pressure, the adapter opens letting the flow pass and cutting down the pressure of the pipe system.


The adapter can integrate a handle designed to partly open the valve. If the handle is kept in the open stand during the process of the CIP, the cleaning products can move through the adopter.


Read the safety terms beforehand

If you are using the product for the very first time, you should carefully read the safety terms. When it comes to the installation, the adaptor must be fitted with an outlet horizontally and vertically. It would be better to check the gas connection from time to time to keep everything safe and secure. Just get the best product by considering the level of safety at first.

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Top Benefits of Lot Adapter


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