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Q: What is a commercial gas burner?
Ans: Commercial gas burner is a  burner  specificaly designed to use in commercial and industrial applications. These burner commonly used in settings such as restaurants, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial establishments where a significant amount of heat is required for cooking, heating, or industrial processes.


Q: How does a commercial gas burner work?
Ans: Commercial gas burners  operate by mixing fuel gas (such as natural gas or LPG) with atmospheric air . The mixture is then ignited to produce a flame that provides heat for the desired application. 


Q: What are the advantages of using a commercial gas burner?
Ans: Commercial gas burners offer several advantages, including:
High heat output: Gas burners  generate significant heat, making them suitable for applications that requir high-temperature processes.
Efficiency: Gas burners are generally efficient in converting fuel energy into heat, helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
Precise control: Many commercial gas burners allow for precise control of flame intensity, temperature, and other parameters, providing flexibility in various cooking or heating processes.

Q: What safety precautions should be taken with commercial gas burners?
A: When using commercial gas burners, it's important to follow proper safety precautions, including:

1. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide.

2. Regularly inspect and maintain the burners to ensure they are in good working condition and free from leaks or malfunctions.

3. Install appropriate safety devices, such as flame failure sensors and gas leak detectors, to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

4. Trained personnel on the proper operation and maintenance of gas burners, including emergency procedures.

5. Follow all local codes, regulations, and guidelines related to the installation and use of commercial gas burners.


Q: What are the different types of commercial gas burners?
Ans: Commercial gas burners come in various types to suit different applications. Some common types include atmospheric burners, Torch Type Burners, C type Burners, M type Burners, infrared burners, & ribbon burners,. Each type has its own characteristics and is designed for specific purposes.


Q: Can commercial gas burners be used with different types of gases?
Ans: Yes, commercial gas burners can  be configured to work with different types of fuel gases, such as natural gas or LPG. However, it's crucial to ensure that the burner is designed and approved for the specific gas type being used. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines and follow local regulations when selecting and installing the appropriate gas burner.


Q: Are commercial gas burners energy efficient?
Ans: Many commercial gas burners are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often incorporate features such as adjustable air-to-fuel ratios, advanced combustion technology. 

Q: Can commercial gas burners be used for outdoor applications?
Ans: Yes, there are commercial gas burners which can be used for outdoor use, such as outdoor grills, patio heaters, and outdoor cooking equipment. .

Q: How often should commercial gas burners be serviced or maintained?
Ans: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of commercial gas burners. The specific maintenance schedule may vary depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, but professional inspection and maintenance should be performed annually  as advised by the manufacturer. Routine maintenance may include cleaning, checking for gas leaks, inspecting burner components, and assuring proper combustion.

Understanding the T-35 Gas Burner 


We at SEPL are a renowned manufacturer of the best-quality Commercial Gas Burners. owing to the proficiency of our skilled and experienced experts, we  offer  T-35  Burner which is Disigned acording IS 14612-1999 standard.   The flame produced by a torch-type gas burner is often powerful, concentrated. It is suitable for applications that require intense heat in a specific area.which require for coocking of Indian food.  Many torch-type commercial gas burners offer adjustable flame intensity and heat control features. This allows users to regulate the flame size and temperature output, providing flexibility for different applications and work requirements. All the raw material  is used in construction of Gas Burner is as per Is 14612 with the support of advanced technology.

Commercial Gas Burner T-35 Burner


The T-35 Burner Head is constructed with cast iron the melting temperature of same is above 1300 centigrade the wire mesh and wire used in construction of burner is high melting temperature stainless steel. Also, the screws & other parts of burner head are of high temperature registrant Which confirm long life & durability of the burner head. The mixing tube of T-35 Burner is made from thick mild steel with corrosion registrant which tested for salt spray test.  The air mixture and Inlet Connections are Made of Is319 Type-1 Brass and The Jet Body is made from Is-6912 Grade Brass.   Very individual burners is tested for Gas Soundness, Flame Stability, Flame Travel, combustion and other tests as per IS14612. The experts in Hospitality Industry Equipments recommends heating curved surface vessels as they create powerful torch-type flames. The offered burner is broadly appreciated among our clients for its outstanding features such as precision engineering and dimensional accuracy. The T-35 Gas Burner is confirmed to work for an extended period. 

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Commercial Gas Burner

  • DESIGN CODE: IS 14612-2013
  • MOC: Brass Forge Assembly & Head  CI with Stainless Steel Mesh
  • WORKING PRESSURE: 0.35 Kg/Sqcm
  • CAPACITY: 15340 Kcl/Hr

Benefits of the T-35 Gas Burner


  • Torch-type burners produce a focused and concentrated flame, enabling precise heating and targeting of specific areas. 
  • torch-type gas burners offer flame control and adjustable heat settings. This allows users to regulate the flame size and temperature output according to their specific needs, providing versatility and control over the heating process.
  • They are also responsive, meaning that the flame can be easily adjusted to adapt to changing heat requirements during the process.
  • Torch-type T-35 gas burners find application in a wide range of industries and tasks.
  • T Type Burners burners are designed to maximize fuel efficiency, ensuring that the heat generated is effectively used. This helps reduce energy waste and optimize fuel consumption during operation.
  • Torch-type burners are generally user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. They are easy to ignite, operate, and clean, making them convenient for regular use


Opting for the T-35 Burner brings amazing benefits to you. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits:

  • It is simpy flawless in performance and is simple to clean.
  • highly resistant to wear and tear.


These  high-quality gas burner is perfect for producing flames. The burner is confirmed to work for an extended period. Owing to its high build quality, dimensional stability, and performance. the burner is broadly used in Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Canteens and Commercial Kitchens

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