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Q:  What is an LPG Cylinder Flexible Hose?
Ans:  LPG Cylinder Flexible Hose is a type of Pigtail  used for transferring liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from the cylinder to the Manifold. It is designed to be flexible, durable, and capable of withstanding the pressure and conditions associated with LPG applications.

Q: What is the IS 9573 specification?
Ans: IS 9573 is an Indian standard that provides specifications for rubber hoses used in LPG systems  for regulators, burners, and other appliances. Thisstandard covers  requirements for the design, construction, materials, dimensions, and testing of LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses.

Q: What are the types of LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses as per IS 9573?
A: As per IS 9573, there are two types of LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses: Type 1 and Type 2.
Type 1: These hoses are designed for low-pressure applications up to 2.5 barof working pressure.
Type 2: These hoses are designed for high-pressure applications exceeding 2.5 bar  of working pressure.

Q: How should I choose the right LPG Cylinder Flexible Hose?
Ans: LPG Cylinder Flexible Hose, consider factors such as the working pressure requirements, the type of application (low-pressure or high-pressure), compatibility with End Fittings

Q: What are the safety considerations for LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses?
Ans: It is essential to ensure that the LPG Cylinder Flexible Hose is properly installed, connected, and maintained. Regular inspections for cracks, wear, damage and any issues should be addressed promptly.

Q: What are the common sizes available for LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses?
Ans: LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses come in various sizes to accommodate different applications. Common sizes include 6.3 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm, and 19 mm internal diameter (ID). The outer diameter (OD) and overall length can vary based on the specific hose construction and manufacturer.

Q: Are LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses suitable for outdoor installations?
Ans: May be,  LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses can be used for outdoor installations. However, it is important to consider the specific requirements for outdoor use,  as UV resistance, weather resistance, and protection against physical damage. 

Q: Can LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses be used for other gases or fluids?
Ans: LPG Cylinder Pigtal as per the IS 9573 specification are specifically designed and intended for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). these are  recommended to use these hoses for other gases or fluids unless explicitly specified by the manufacturer or relevant standards.


Q: What are the recommended installation practices for LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses?
Ans: When installing LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses, ensure rout to prevent kinking, twisting, or excessive stress on the hose,  Avoid sharp bends  that could impede the flow of LPG. Use appropriate fittings and secure connections to prevent leaks. 

Q: How often should LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses be replaced?
Ans: The lifespan of LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses can vary depending on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. It is recommended to inspect the hoses regularly for signs of wear, damage, or degradation. Replace the hose if any issues are detected, or as recommended by the manufacturer or relevant safety guidelines.


Q: Would LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses be repaired if damaged?
A: It is generally not recommended to repair LPG Cylinder Flexible Hoses if they are damaged. Any damage to the hose can compromise its integrity and safety. It is best to replace the hose with a new one to ensure the reliability and performance of the LPG system

LPG Cylinder Flexible Pigtail is a flexible hose which  connect a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder to an LPG manifold. When we talking about LPG installation in India IS 6044-part -1 recommendation cylinder will be connected to manifold by flexible pigtails.   Cylinder Pigtail is used to connect LPG cylinder to Manifold by means of flexibly who help us in changing of cylinders at the time of empty the cylinders.

SEPL flexible pigtails is highly demanded and acknowledged for their prolonged service life and other positive attributes across the country. We manufacture our cylinder flexible pigtail in adherence to industrial standards and ensure the premium finish on them. We Manufacture These Pigtails as per Requirements of IS 6044 Part -1 & 2. To know more about cylinder flexible pigtail, call us nowAs per IS 6044 Part-1 Max W.P for VOT System is 16.8 Bar for same IS 9573 is recommended with continuity for electrical to eliminate static current at the time of flow of LPG in pipes.  The pigtail is used to transfer LPG vapor from the cylinder to manifold, system where it is further distributed to various appliances.

The flexible pigtail is designed to withstand high pressure and is capable of handling a maximum working pressure (wp) of 16.8 bar. It is constructed with NBR rubber Lining, stainless steel braided & wraped there after to ensure safety and reliability in LPG applications.

The pigtail is equipped with Female nuts of Europeon Cylinder Valve Thread  (FECV) nuts on both ends. These nuts provide a secure and leak-proof connection between the pigtail and the cylinder as well as the manifold. The FECV nuts are designed to be compatible with  connection system used in LPG cylinders and manifolds.


SEPL flexible pigtails is highly demanded and acknowledged for their prolonged service life and other positive attributes across the country. We manufacture our cylinder flexible pigtail in adherence to industrial standards and ensure the premium finish on them.


These  SEPL pigtails are available in different length as per consumer requirments


  • MOC: Nitrile Braided Reinforced & Wraped
  • MAX. W.P.: 10- 16.8 KG/CM2
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 65 C
  • Media: GAS / PNG / LPG
  • End Connection: FECV x FECV
  • Size Available:  18″, 24″, 30″, 36″or as per requirments
  • Origin: Made in India

SEPL provides LPG Cylinder Flexible Pigtails according to the latest market trends and delivers to the client's premises within the assigned time frame. We have also selected a team of devoted and proficient professionals who assisted us to run the operation in a systematic and planned manner.


1.  LPG Cylinder Pigtails  flexibility feature enables them to accommodate different orientations, angles, and distances, making them adaptable to various installation setups.

2. Pigtails play a crucial role in pressure of LPG  these pigtails  maintain a consistent zero or no pressure drop in between   the pigtail ensuring safe and efficient operation of LPG Manifold System.

3.  LPG Cylinder Pigtails  secure fittings, such as FECV nuts, helps ensure a reliable and leak-proof connection between the cylinder and the manifold.

4. LPG Cylinder Pigtails are designed to withstand the harsh conditions and demands of LPG systems. 

5. LPG Cylinder  Pigtails are available in various sizes, lengths,  to accommodate different cylinder & manifold Distances. this feature  versatile and suitable for a wide range of LPG applications commercial and industrial Maniofold Systems.

6.  LPG Cylinder Pigtails undergo rigorous testing and adhere to industry standards to ensure their safety and performance. They are designed to handle the specific pressures and demands of LPG systems, reducing the risk of  failures.

7. Pigtails are relatively easy to replace as & when required. when a  pigtail becomes damaged or needs to be upgraded, it can be disconnected and replaced without disruptions to the overall LPG system.


SEPL makes sure to give products that are built strong, flexible to use, and most importantly budget friendly.

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