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Brief Details of Infrared Burner :-


At SEPL, we are credited for being the most reliable gas infrared burner manufacturer in India. Our qualitative range of infrared burners is used for a plethora of industrial and food processing units across the country. Since an infrared burner comprises a short wavelength, it is only good for shallow layer heating. This makes the infrared burner perfect for cooking chips and browning.


For industrial clients, we offer our infrared burners for paper coatings and powder coating oven curing and more such procedures. All our gas infrared burners are based on over-the-edge technology which enables low operations costs and prolonged service life.


SEPL is a notable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of fine-quality Infrared Burners. . An infrared burner is referred to as a short wavelength that just heats a shallow layer so it is perfect for cooking and browning thin foods such as chips. On the other hand, industries use it for coatings on paper, powder coating ovens, and similar processes.

A commercial burner manufacturer, SEPL is primarily serving the industrial thermal processing sector with a wide range of reliable and innovative reliable gas burners, valves, and more accessories. All SEPL burners and gas safety fittings are engineered to give the outmost fuel efficiency, and dependable operation, and to assist make your thermal process more successful and profitable.


Description Of Infrared Burner:-


SEPL - Gas Infrared Burner manufacture offers efficient Infrared Burners that are based on state-of-art gas infrared technology assistance. It brings the benefits of low operating costs with special features such as longer service life due to its unbreakable construction. Our set of burners is based on advanced gas infrared technology, these can be fired facing sideways, up, or down along with the possibility of vertical firing as long as the heated length is 1000 mm. Moreover, atmospheric firing is possible at a pressure of 120 bar.

We customize and design innovative infrared burner technology that gives outs centralized heat. It ends up using half the energy as compared to other traditional burners. Made of durable iron, our burners are fully customizable to fit your requirements.


Technical Specifications of Infrared Burner:-


  • Model Name/Number: IB60

  • Usage/Application: Commercial

  • Brand: SEPL

  • Material: Iron

  • Size: 12 Inch

  • Fuel Type: LPG

  • Packaging Type: Box

  • Is It Rust Proof: Rust Proof

  • Pressure: 0.5 PSI

  • Country of Origin: Made in India

Benefits of Infrared Burner:-


Opting for the gas infrared burner brings amazing benefits to you. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits:


Even Heating:-


Our infrared burner is based on a patented core design that distributes more heat across the cooking surfaces. SEPL focuses on premium quality products forever get noticed, we follow strict quality control regulations in our factory premises.


Lower Fuel Costs:-


If you are troubled by the higher cost of fuel, using our product will surely bring a fuel-efficient product to you. Our advanced technology gets better heat absorption to reduce gas usage.


Food Tastes Better:-


An infrared burner means your food will maintain up to 35% more of its natural extracts, making render and juicy results.


Easy To Maintain and Clean:-


After finishing the job, setting an infrared burner to high will turn any food particles left behind into ash for quick cleaning.


Quick to install:-


Our products are quick and comfortable to install. The least effort is required in the whole installation process.


At SEPL, we always evolve our products to answer the ever-changing demands of our buyers. Our team through new research and development tries to bring an innovative and advanced range of products.

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