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How to Store?


When you're not using your gas hose, you should keep it carefully to avoid damage. Here are some ideas for storing your hose:


  • Wrap the hose in a coil, beginning at the end that is attached to the Burners/ appliances

  • Put the hose in a storage container, like a plastic bucket or box.

  • Make sure the storage container is clean and dry, and there are no sharp things that could damage the hose.

Saraswat Engineers Pvt. Ltd is reliable supplier of gas burner hose. A gas hose transports gasses for Burner applications. Its primary duty is to provide a safe and efficient method of transporting welding gasses from one site to another.

There are many different types of gas hoses in the market, each with a distinct purpose.

When purchasing a gas burner hose, make sure it is compatible with the gas you will be using. Otherwise, the hose may leak or rupture, perhaps resulting in significant damage.

As a user you rely on your gas hose to do its job correctly and safely transport gas to your appliances. That is why it is critical to maintain and inspect your hose regularly for symptoms of wear and strain. A properly maintained gas welding hose will last longer and perform better, ensuring that your Combustion/ heating tasks are successful.

To ensure proper functioning, inspect your gas welding hose before each usage and at least once a month. Here are some tips to check for:

  • Check for cracks, holes, and leaks in the hose.

  • Inspect the fittings and connections to verify they are secure and do not leak.

  • Check for signs of wear, such as fraying or kinking.



Technical Specifications


1. Hoses must be flame-proof and meet IS 9573, 2017 or Bsen 1762 edition (Part 1 only for industrial applications) design, construction, and testing standards. A certificate is required.

2. The connected hose assembly must be capable of carrying an electrical charge from one coupling to another.

3. Inner tube: Gas and oil-resistant synthetic rubber.

4. Reinforcement: The reinforcement must be braided with high-tensile steel wire.

5. Outer Cover: Use an industrial-grade rubber compound that is resistant to abrasion, weather, ozone, and LPG.

6. Colour: Preferably orange; the supplier will specify.

7. Inner Diameter: as per consumer requirments.


Product Benefits


  • Gas burner hoses link the gas bottle to the injector burner, giving good and safe gas flow.

  • Proper maintenance will assist in preventing unexpected problems in the heating system.


Helpful Hints


  • Always refer to your maintenance and operations manual.

  • Daily visual assessment of the entire heating system is advised.

  • Always examine and ensure that gas hoses and fittings comply with local safety laws.

  • Clean and inspect ignition plugs as necessary.

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